O OSLO - leather backpack with hook strap - black

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O OSLO leather backpack. 

Adjustable soft leather straps to avoid aching shoulders and so you can adjust where on your back you prefer to let this bag sit.

Snap closure.

Color: Black

Dimensions : approx 14 width inches x 14 inches height.

We love it too! Each bag is handmade and will vary slightly to the one pictured here due to varying natural markings in leather and varying raw edge on flap.

Allow 3 business days for handmaking this item. 4-6 business days for the delivery to you! Shipping is always covered by O LUCA.


The O OSLO story

My dear friend lives in Norway. Her name is Lisa. My journey to beginning O LUCA started with Lisa! We were staying together in a cozy cottage in Parakka, Sweden with our husbands and children. Lisa is such a special friend, I wonder if I could ever explain to anyone how much she means to me, and I truly hope that you have or find someone in your lifetime that is this special to you. 

Lisa took ahold of my leather bag I had purchased at Anthropologie in Portland, OR. “Something like this is nearly impossible to find in Norway” she said. And so I began to think. The bags of my own dreams were impossible to find in the USA! Or anywhere! Never had I landed upon the bag of my dreams. The soft leather, the soft straps to avoid aching shoulders, and gorgeous designs. They did not exist. And so it was up to me to design them! One of my first bags I made that summer was the O OSLO. I packaged it up and sent it to Norway. Lisa HAD to have it. And she loved it. I was in Norway this summer, two years after she received the bag from me and she was still wearing her O OSLO! 

So naturally, this bag is named for Lisa. Oslo is the capitol of Norway. The most beautiful country in the world. The mountains speckled with sheep, sharply meeting the ocean. The natural jagged terrain of this beautiful country is so similar to the natural jagged edge of our raw flap on the O OSLO!

When you see and feel and use your O OSLO this story will be stitched into the bag, beautifully, from the most beautiful place in the world.