Little Critters 2021 monthly calendar

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Make any space adorable by adding a darling calendar to your wall!

Each page has easy to read dates, important holidays, simple text large enough to write down simple reminders, and a darling piece of art to enjoy for a full month! 

The paper was chosen carefully to be thick enough to withstand handling and the color was carefully picked amongst different colors of white to look warm and inviting (who knew the color white could have a different feel just by the tint added to it!) with a bronze binding for that extra little detail.

A hole perfectly sized to fit over your traditional thumb tack! Or make it extra darling and choose a pretty thumbtack or small nail to hang it on like I have! 

Mensurers: 11” x 17” 


The artworks were created by me, I hope you enjoy them!


xo Karissa