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Perfectly round, gorgeous genuine leather crossbody purse. 

A ykk zipper across the top.

One thoughtful pocket on the outside of the back of the purse for a cell phone.

Soft straps to keep your shoulders from aching, easily adjustable with small discreet copper stud buttons, so you can decide if you would like your bag to hang lower on your hip or higher.

Measures: 2” deep x 12” diameter.

Adjustable straps are 46”-56”.

Conditioned using a natural handmade leather conditioner. Safe for your skin! And ours! 


Allow 3 days for hand-making your purse and 6 days for the free delivery to you! 



The O STOCKHOLM story:

I was 8 years old when my family moved to a country home right outside of the city of Stockholm, Sweden. The first day on the schoolyard in front of the old red schoolhouse set atop a hill I was sitting by myself and the little girls in my class would come up to me, and say in a sweet accent “Hi my name is Anna” and then run back to our teacher to learn another English word to use to try to speak to me. Within 6 months my siblings and I were speaking the language fluently.

My family moved home to Battle Ground, WA in the USA 2 years later and a piece of my heart stayed there. I have since returned to Sweden very often. It is my second home.

I wanted to make sure that whichever handbag I made that I used the name O STOCKHOLM, was one that I loved and would hold this piece of my heart in each bag I make.

Stockholm is so well rounded. The city works like magic. The new city is gorgeously designed incorporating the ancient parts of the city. It is beautiful and breath taking.

Beautiful Design is such an integral part of the culture, as well as an importance on nature and natural fibers. Fashion is always cutting edge, and yet modest and beautiful.

My dream is that when you see and feel and use this handbag, you’ll have a piece of this story with you.

The calm, perfectly rounded, beautifully designed O STOCKHOLM