It Started Here.

It started here. In the simplest of places.

Tucked away, in a small village in the Lapland's of Northern Sweden. Where the reindeer wander, and the snow barely melts away for a couple months of the year. Where summer means 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and lunch on the deck. Where time stands still and friends gather for comfort, peace and a break from the reality of our busy lives.

This is where O LUCA started.

It was the small and big conversation's with a treasured friend, Lisa, who with her husband and daughter met us here from Norway. The ideas of what we could start, what we could do. And then, the handling of my bag. I was wearing a leather bag I had purchased at Anthropologie before my vacation. It was made of soft leather. Lisa took ahold of my bag and made the comment "something like this is hard to find in Norway". 

And so I thought. I thought and thought. All of the times I had dug through bins at the RACK searching for the perfect, unique, real leather bag. Wandering through Anthropologie touching anything made of leather just to feel the soft richness the leather possessed. I opened my Pinterest to the hundreds of bags I had pinned. I knew then that nowhere in my searches had I ever happened upon the bag of my dreams.

And so, it was up to me to design them.


We continued our vacation driving the peaceful small roads of Sweden down to Stockholm, where we boarded our plane and traveled across the world to our home. Ah the feeling of being home. 

Barely overcoming jetlag, a couple days after our arrival, I found a leather store across the river in Portland, OR. Opening the doors and taking in the smells of the leathers. I was awed. I touched everything I passed. I asked questions, hundreds of questions. I was a sponge for information. Two hours later I was driving home with the perfect piece of leather.

I folded the leather, I cut, I dreamed. And it became. I fell in love.

I named it OH LUCIA.

I wanted to be connected to my brand. Lucia Day is a special holiday in Sweden and as kids we would dress up with candles on our heads and bearing cookies and coffee we would wake our parents singing Lucia songs on the dark morning of December 13th every year. This was a special memory to me, and coincidentally my husband and I built our dream home on Lucia Falls Rd. It just felt like the perfect name.

But the name needed to connect to the purse too. And be catchy. And be easy to pronounce. Scratch. Scratch.... oh luca.... o luca.... O LUCA. thats it! I felt it. It was right. It just had to be right! O LUCA O LUCA O LUCA I wrote it over and over and over. O LUCA.

And so I started the making of O LUCA. And I continue the building of this brand, it's been such a fun road so far and I hope to keep learning and growing and loving and creating.

And staying home with my children and loving my life as a mother and a wife. Because in the end it's these creatures in my life that teach me to grow and love and create.

So stitched in the leathers, in each bag that becomes yours, that you love and treasure and becomes a part of you; there will always be a piece of my story. Of what these bags are and where they come from. Simple, from the simplest place in the world. 

Love, Karissa